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Well U know what they say,”I Do Blog “

Well yes..Its time to say B-word in front of theirs I guess.I have been thinking about starting my own blog time for a long time but never gave it enough thought.I know that each time somebody starts a blog they start giving reasons why did so.Well I just wanted a blog.Period… 😉

I read an article in ToI saying that blogging has gone the email way of not so fashion anymore.The article said that earlier when somebody wanted flaunt their status they used to flash their email ID.But then the fad died out and now everyone has an email ID.Rather the situation is “Duh!! You dont hav an email ID ? Where are you from? “.The situation is going the same for blogging was the bottomline of the article.Well hey am trying out out of fashion things now.\m/

For starters this blog is going to be everything about what I think,what I want to express and everything that revolves around me.It can be my IIT life(for now ), my sports,my opinions on few topics,and if I am lucky, my love life( ya right nice try!! :P).

Well I guess for starters this post should be enough.For better starters I would recommend Barbeque Nation (:D)

Watch out for more guys..The journey has just begun.