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Break-ups !!


Case 1 : Should relationships always have a bitter ending. What happens when the both parties are not wanting the same thing but they dont want to hurt each other?

Case 2: When one doesnt want to be together but other wants to? Should feelings be forced upon him/her? Will those feelings justified? Isnt it better than just being friends?

Consequences : What happens when there are dependable people associated with both the parties. Like friends or family. What happens to them at point of time.

These are just my random thoughts about relations that I get to see.

Any comments people ??


My First professional LIVE game

The 59th National Senior Volleyball Championship was held in Chennai from 12-19th December. I was excited to go and see the matches but I was busy in insti doing a project on the weekdays, so couldnt watch the matches. But I had kept track of the tournament in the news daily and was excited to find Tamil Nadu team won the championship last year and are doing very good this time also.

The finals was to my great luck on a Sunday and I had just gone home. So I had my bike and also company from my brother to go and watch. We saw that the matches were scheduled to start at 3pm. So we headed out at there and reached the venue at 2.15 itself hoping to see a lot of crowd. But apparently the first match was Women’s finals and it didnt attract a lot of spectators.The look of the court itself was awesome. The lighting and the shine from the surface itself made me stand with awe. I had to control myself and then find the suitable place to sit.

The court with just some of the lights ON

The Women’s final was between Railways and Kerala. The stadium was as I already said, almost 3/4th empty. We sat parallel to the net facing the serve so that I can admire the attack, the formation, and attack and the other nuances of the game. I was not thinking of writing a blog during the Women’s match so I did not take motes of the match. But the match was pretty interesting though. Railways lost the first set and Kerala were looking good. But later they had a very good comeback. They were unstoppable and Kerala team seemed to have lost their confidence. Railways won 3-1.

The women in action

But the main action started when the Men’s match was about to start.  By that time though the hall was full.  Velammal foundation was sponsoring the event. So students from the colleges had already thronged up and were quite active. They converted the chairs into drums and were all dancing and running around. So when even as the Women’s action ended the Railways team were savouring the moment when the TN Men’s team made their entry. Oh boy!! The stadium was about to vibrate out to demolition. It was a HUGE home support I would say and I was definitely one of them.

The finals was between TN and Kerala(again). There was support for the Kerala team also but not like a thunderstorm for the TN team. :PI couldnt take really good pictures and all that I have here is the ones taken with my mobile camera ( Go Corby!! 😉 )

The match started anyways. Both teams were looking good. The TN team werent looking so good or at least the Kerala team was looking better.The Kerala smashes were awesome and the TN block couldnt stop them.  The first set was a good fight but the Kerala team won 25-23.

In the second set also the Kerala was looking dominant. The score read 7-14 and then went onto 14-20. Then came the TN comeback till 21 all.What then continued was a series of service cuts but then the fight ended with Kerala winning again.

The 3rd set started with very low cheering as defeat loomed in the faces of the excited fans.  But in this set TN were leading from the start. There was a little fightback but the score read 21-17. There was an excellent rally of smashes and block and boost and everything that was a real treat to watch. TN won the set 25-20 and the fans were up and active again.

The fourth set was the set when TN showed their mighty power when Kerala had no answers for their block and smashes. The score was at 15-10 when I saw the most brilliant smash of the say from TN.  Kerala was down and under when the score read 24-12. TN lost the serve but then the winning set point was handed to them by a service to the net.

A fitting final I would say this one as it went into the deciding set. In volleyball the decider set is for 15 points rather than the usual 25 and there is court change when one of team reaches 8 points.

To give an account on how the final set was..The score read

1 all

2 all

3 all

on and on…..

At 8-7 Kerala in lead the court changed. And again the teams were fighting to their death. The points were 9-all, 10-all, 11-all,12-all,13-all,14-all.

Kerala then won the serve and then lead onto match point again. But then excellent smash by TN saved them and then on it won the next two points too.

The crowd went berserk and so did I. It was true brilliance at play. Some of the things that I observed was that everybody in team were boosting when there was a desperate need. The TN libero was really good and so was the Kerala libero. Of course to the noob eyes of mine these maybe the least that I could admire. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did watching the match.

Take a look at the crowd!!

In search of you !!

Wherever I go ,

Love is never a few,

But all the places I want to go,

Is my dear that leads to you.

Summer of 2010 – Part 3

The last part of my awesome summer was my trip to Kerala immediately after my intern.  My grandparents are from Kerala and they live in the village called as Chembai. It is in the Palakkad district and it is a beautiful place. Actually not a lot of people would recognize the name of the village Chembai. It is actually recognizable by the name of Kottai village where there is actually a Panchayat office.


You just get down at Palakkad junction and get to the Palakkad Municipality Bus stand and take a bus to Kottai. I was actually amazed that there was a bus called Palakkad Dhoni but apparently Dhoni is a forest reserve in Kerala and near to Palakkad.


It was my sheer bad luck that I wasnt able to add the beautiful pictures of the surroundings. I had saved photo day for the last but due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel all the plans. But I still a few with me which I will upload as soon as I get it.

I was going there after about a decade. I had a very nostalgic feeling going back and it brought back memories of almost 10 years back. When I reached there I was actually shocked to find out that everything had turned small. I dont know about others but I will feel the same way when I go to places I lived earlier in Chennai too.

Anyways it was a wonderful trip there. I went to a lot of temples including Guruvayoor temple. Its really hard to remember the names of the other temples. In Kerala men had to wear to wear mundu to go inside a temple. And without a shirt. So it was a looooongg time after which I was wearing a mundu again. I prefer jeans also in family events also so the mundu-wearing was a mystery to me. It still is actually. 🙂


I had to do Angapradharshanam in the Guruvayoor temple because my grandmother had prayed that we would do. I had a pretty forgettable time since it was my first time. I puked in my mouth almost…..I forgot how many. My brother nothing less than me. I tell you never eat anything before you do the pradarshanam. Not even drink tea. I actually could not even bear seeing others doing it so easily in front of me, that it provoked me even more.


Even though my blog post could not say much I cannot put in words the beauty of the country side Kerala and living in a typical village type home. This sums up my awesome summer. Hope people reading my post have/had an awesome summer like I did.

Freshman year

Those were the times I would say. It brings very nostalgic memories. Freshman year at insti. The time when I was introduced to a myriad of opportunities that called itself IIT campus life. It is a bit sad though that I am writing about the whole experience after a long time but the delay is what that makes it even more special to me because those were the best moments of my life.

Well, what was it that made it the most awesome year in my life. Was it the tribal war cries of inter-hostel battle for which the newborn babies( us !! ) were trained very vociferously for?? Was it the daily fear of ragging that senior would call us and make us do things that we didnt want to but would have enjoyed if someone else did( 🙂 )  ?? Was it the immense amount of sports I played for my hostel?? Was it the view of very huge technical festival and cultural festival from the inside?? Was it being in the hostel for the first time?? Was it sleeping in a class of 250 in the last bench in CRC ?? Was it the beauty of the IIT campus and going to CCD at 1.30 at night ( Ya!! CCD  used to be open till 2!! ) ?? Was it the chance to see a crowd of abot 8ooo in an Open Air Theater in Saarang?? Was it the feel of Inter IIT rivalry in Inter IIT sports held in IIT Madras?? ………. and on and on…There are just too many to compare.

Its too difficult to compare those moments. The first semester was the most awesome part among the two semesters. I feel bad for those juniors who arent able to interact with their seniors just because of the ragging issue. It prevents them in knowing a lot about the insti life and how to enjoy it fully. Some juniors are also adamant in not knowing their seniors. Well buddy your loss. Its just purely your loss.

Summer of 2010 – Part 2

The second most important thing is my summer internship. This post may bore you a little since even though I am avoiding the technicalities it might still sound a bit off.

I am in Electronics Design and Manufacturing. So I had to do it in a core elec company. I got the intern in a company in SIPCOT IT park here in Chennai with the help of a friend. At first I thought it would be a peace intern after hearing stories of internships done by my seniors and other galore. But then little did I expect the unexpected.

Well the company was dead strict on corporate codes. Like only formals and shoes always.No T-shirts and Jeans. I dont even want to start telling the dress code for my friend who is a girl. Well it took time to adjust and stuff but then we had to accept it as life. But the most important thing was the atmosphere there in the office. Everyone had their cubicles and were working there in front of a computer. The only time I had stared so much into a computer was when I was in a TV marathon during holidays.Also the stares we got during the break times were unbearable. Maybe girls are used to such stares in insti but woah!!! not me. It was like we were some alien species in the snow white stories.

We had a 9-6 working hours and the most hurting part in the whole internship was that our friends were doing some arbitrary hours internship in a government establishment near the institute. That brought into light the amount of work done in a private endorsement and how to keep a company always productive in a private concern.

Some of the photos I managed to take on OMR.

The internship was a very productive one as I learnt a lot actually. We could use some pseud touchscreen oscilloscopes and high-end environment testing equipments and stuff. And ya the coolest part was that I went on bike to the company. So it was pretty awesome ride on OMR in the morning in spite of a bit traffic. This company is a very useful place to do an internship but I must warn you it is not the place for the weak and the soft.You cannot shy yourself from work and learn to meet deadlines and stuff . You have to be brave and it is much better if you have company with you in the form of a friend who can do the intern with you.

Chao!! Next up is Kerala…

Summer of 2010 …..Part -1

My summer of 2010 was the most awesome of all the summers. I had so much fun is that I need to write 3 posts about the whole affair.

Well the first part is the extra course here in insti. Well since there was a shortage of time, we had to do a course for 3 weeks during the summer. The thing was that insti was peaceful. Sangam was empty, SAC baddy courts were empty. And there were so less number of classes. We attended classes in the morning, actually slept through them actually. One of the main things that we did was play sport.

I played badminton like hell. I played till my hands started to ache. We were a bunch of guys and one girl ( Ranjana ) and it was mad. We had to stop playing because our arms started to pain. And of course there was this all-time sport of hostel gully cricket.

One day we thought we should all go on a trip somewhere since we are all very bored. So we thought we could visit the Vandalur zoo ( ya it was overnight plan and girls were coming,so something near ) and most importantly we thought we could go and have a look at our campus that has been so much now been in question on its state of development.

The whole gang

Well we reached the place at around 10 and then had fun there. The fun was not in what we saw but it was in with whom we were with.

On a High!!

That tree is higher than it looks :)

The monkeys confused us !!

This baby was the Centre of Attraction

We walked the whole park. There were a lot of snaps but I am just uploading my favourite ones here.

It was the mid-April and Chennai was hot and humid. We had parching throats and even more paining legs. The time was almost 1. Everyone was tired but we still went onto see our campus. We just knew it existed somewhere. I being the only tam guy there was ‘THE GUIDE’.  But the thing was that even I just a clue where it might be. I didnt know its exact location and all.

After enquiries and everything we got down at a point from where it seemed nearest top our campus and walked. We walked and walked for 2 kms into no-man’s land. We separated out into groups to find out any developed land.Anurag,Vikrant and me together. We didnt find any for a long time and we came back to ground zero in a tractor’s pull cart.

Me,Anurag and Vikrant


On the tractor with Rajesh

Later did we realize that the barren no-man’s land which was our ground zero was our campus.

Barren land and rough terrain. Untouched in anyway. Virgin territory. I can keep on going but I hope you get the point. But them after quite a drama to continue our search for something Raj Priyadarshi and Shekhar Suman found out this.

After crossing this what seems like a uphill we found this below photo


What do you say about this!!

This was so awesome and we were so wasted and tired that, we went mad. But still I think the photos will give a better idea.


And then we came back full hungry,dieing of tiredness. We caught a lorry to give us lift back to the highway.

The lorry driver who gave us lift

This is the end of this post. But the story continues……