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Insti life!! I love it..

I know I know..Its not that I am a frequent blogger but hey a man needs his own space to vent out his feelings once in a while. I read in a place that bloggers generally always quote themselves as “Oh!! Sorry I couldnt blog for a longitrme..I didnt have a lot ! ” and that it is too lame. Since I share the same feeling I am going to refrain the same train of thought here from now onwards.

Well about the title of this post. Insti life !! I have been living in IIT for the past two and a half years and I love it here. Its not the fact that its the place I wanted to be for the whole of my high school. Well!! Maybe that’s why I initially I thought it would be cool being here but I rest my case there. I love this place for all that it has to offer even if you are not an IITian.

Firstly, the campus. It is nature’s abode ; It is this whole green fabric that covers the whole of this magnificent campus that makes me wonder in which other beautiful place I can live in. Frankly telling you the couples in insti love the place for the long walks they can take without having much disturbance and I accept. But sometimes taking a walk is stereotyped as a ‘COUPLE’s THING’. I very much tend to differ with that idea and have had awesome nights with just my friends. Another testimony to this is the fact that when my friends and I have a galla time walking from the MAIN gate back to the hostel.

Will post a better one when I get one

Secondly the HOSTEL. I have never stayed in a hostel for those who have never stayed before..In your face….its awesome. The point of staying in hostel is the bonding and everything. Everything is true here and a lot more. There is this system of inter hostel rivalry that basically encourages talent from the grassroots. I should rather say breed  talent since the seniors just the drag the lowest of enthused fresher once they notice talent in him. They can do great for the scouts if they would ever recruit JEE-cracking-supposed-to-be-brightest-of-the-nation guys as scouts.

Thirdly, I could have never thought I would play such a great variety of sports after coming here and that too at a competitive level. I played Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, etc.

My Hostel Volleyball team

I can just go on and on but the I like to keep my posts no too much boring.

Basically the point is that I love the opportunities that I get living here. I sometimes look at people who have been wasting there time here in insti and not appreciate all the small things it has to offer. Even I feel sometimes I missed a lot of opportunities but I take every possible step to at least take a shot at the ones that pass by. When I leave this insti there shouldnt be a thing that I would think “IF I HAD ONLY DONE THAT”.  Its sounds like a cliche from the movie called Bucket List, but hey! life is all about the doing things that you always wanted to for yourself. It only matters whether you are happy you did them or content that you at least tried or live with the fact that you missed the awesome life that you can call college life!!


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