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My TV serials

I am TV serial addict. It all started out just because I have a laptop and everybody didnt. I started out with this thing called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It was good. Tell you what!! It was awesome for a first-timer. People used to worry that I was going mad because I used to be laughing all alone in my room. Then there was this thing called DC++.

Rest is history..Now all I do in my freetime is watch TV serials. There may be legends who are much better than me out there but I am trying to be my own.

So here’s a list of the TV serials I have watched/watching ( not in chronological order)

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ( Comedy )
  2. How I met your mother ( Comedy )
  3. Big Bang Theory ( Best of them all )
  4. Prison Break (Action..Best 1st season..Couldnt keep up the heat in next seasons)
  5. Gossip Girl ( I dont knw, I somehow like the permutations and combinations :P )
  6. House M.D. ( Pure Genius Medical Drama)
  7. Leverage (Con artists )
  8. Scrubs (Medical Comedy )
  9. Numb3rs ( True Genius with action )
  10. Boston Legal ( Comedy, Drama)
  11. Mentalist ( Genius )
  12. Gary Unmarried ( Comedy )
  13. Dexter ( Extreme Violence )
  14. Entourage (Another sexual content filled serial )
  15. Cougar Town ( watched 2 seasons that should count)
  16. Spartacus Blood and Sand ( Extreme Violence and Sexual Content)
  17. One Tree Hill ( Too much Drama,Romance )
  18. Vampire Diaries ( Vampires,Duh!! )
  19. Hustle ( UK Serial,Con artists )
  20. Bones ( Forensic Anthropology , Thriller )
  21. Two and a Half Men (Comedy)
  22. Californication ( Sexual Content, Drama)
  23. Fringe ( Thriller )

I would say that watching all these has definitely given me a new outlook on a lot of things. It may not be so Indian attitude but I cant help it. I also watch some of it just for to learn how the luxurious life is all about.

Well my aim is to finish at least 50 serials before I leave insti or at least college. The count is a bit low and I think it is too hard to finish but still I will keep everyone posted.



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