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Summer of 2010 …..Part -1

My summer of 2010 was the most awesome of all the summers. I had so much fun is that I need to write 3 posts about the whole affair.

Well the first part is the extra course here in insti. Well since there was a shortage of time, we had to do a course for 3 weeks during the summer. The thing was that insti was peaceful. Sangam was empty, SAC baddy courts were empty. And there were so less number of classes. We attended classes in the morning, actually slept through them actually. One of the main things that we did was play sport.

I played badminton like hell. I played till my hands started to ache. We were a bunch of guys and one girl ( Ranjana ) and it was mad. We had to stop playing because our arms started to pain. And of course there was this all-time sport of hostel gully cricket.

One day we thought we should all go on a trip somewhere since we are all very bored. So we thought we could visit the Vandalur zoo ( ya it was overnight plan and girls were coming,so something near ) and most importantly we thought we could go and have a look at our campus that has been so much now been in question on its state of development.

The whole gang

Well we reached the place at around 10 and then had fun there. The fun was not in what we saw but it was in with whom we were with.

On a High!!

That tree is higher than it looks :)

The monkeys confused us !!

This baby was the Centre of Attraction

We walked the whole park. There were a lot of snaps but I am just uploading my favourite ones here.

It was the mid-April and Chennai was hot and humid. We had parching throats and even more paining legs. The time was almost 1. Everyone was tired but we still went onto see our campus. We just knew it existed somewhere. I being the only tam guy there was ‘THE GUIDE’.  But the thing was that even I just a clue where it might be. I didnt know its exact location and all.

After enquiries and everything we got down at a point from where it seemed nearest top our campus and walked. We walked and walked for 2 kms into no-man’s land. We separated out into groups to find out any developed land.Anurag,Vikrant and me together. We didnt find any for a long time and we came back to ground zero in a tractor’s pull cart.

Me,Anurag and Vikrant


On the tractor with Rajesh

Later did we realize that the barren no-man’s land which was our ground zero was our campus.

Barren land and rough terrain. Untouched in anyway. Virgin territory. I can keep on going but I hope you get the point. But them after quite a drama to continue our search for something Raj Priyadarshi and Shekhar Suman found out this.

After crossing this what seems like a uphill we found this below photo


What do you say about this!!

This was so awesome and we were so wasted and tired that, we went mad. But still I think the photos will give a better idea.


And then we came back full hungry,dieing of tiredness. We caught a lorry to give us lift back to the highway.

The lorry driver who gave us lift

This is the end of this post. But the story continues……


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