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Summer of 2010 – Part 2

The second most important thing is my summer internship. This post may bore you a little since even though I am avoiding the technicalities it might still sound a bit off.

I am in Electronics Design and Manufacturing. So I had to do it in a core elec company. I got the intern in a company in SIPCOT IT park here in Chennai with the help of a friend. At first I thought it would be a peace intern after hearing stories of internships done by my seniors and other galore. But then little did I expect the unexpected.

Well the company was dead strict on corporate codes. Like only formals and shoes always.No T-shirts and Jeans. I dont even want to start telling the dress code for my friend who is a girl. Well it took time to adjust and stuff but then we had to accept it as life. But the most important thing was the atmosphere there in the office. Everyone had their cubicles and were working there in front of a computer. The only time I had stared so much into a computer was when I was in a TV marathon during holidays.Also the stares we got during the break times were unbearable. Maybe girls are used to such stares in insti but woah!!! not me. It was like we were some alien species in the snow white stories.

We had a 9-6 working hours and the most hurting part in the whole internship was that our friends were doing some arbitrary hours internship in a government establishment near the institute. That brought into light the amount of work done in a private endorsement and how to keep a company always productive in a private concern.

Some of the photos I managed to take on OMR.

The internship was a very productive one as I learnt a lot actually. We could use some pseud touchscreen oscilloscopes and high-end environment testing equipments and stuff. And ya the coolest part was that I went on bike to the company. So it was pretty awesome ride on OMR in the morning in spite of a bit traffic. This company is a very useful place to do an internship but I must warn you it is not the place for the weak and the soft.You cannot shy yourself from work and learn to meet deadlines and stuff . You have to be brave and it is much better if you have company with you in the form of a friend who can do the intern with you.

Chao!! Next up is Kerala…


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