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Freshman year

Those were the times I would say. It brings very nostalgic memories. Freshman year at insti. The time when I was introduced to a myriad of opportunities that called itself IIT campus life. It is a bit sad though that I am writing about the whole experience after a long time but the delay is what that makes it even more special to me because those were the best moments of my life.

Well, what was it that made it the most awesome year in my life. Was it the tribal war cries of inter-hostel battle for which the newborn babies( us !! ) were trained very vociferously for?? Was it the daily fear of ragging that senior would call us and make us do things that we didnt want to but would have enjoyed if someone else did( 🙂 )  ?? Was it the immense amount of sports I played for my hostel?? Was it the view of very huge technical festival and cultural festival from the inside?? Was it being in the hostel for the first time?? Was it sleeping in a class of 250 in the last bench in CRC ?? Was it the beauty of the IIT campus and going to CCD at 1.30 at night ( Ya!! CCD  used to be open till 2!! ) ?? Was it the chance to see a crowd of abot 8ooo in an Open Air Theater in Saarang?? Was it the feel of Inter IIT rivalry in Inter IIT sports held in IIT Madras?? ………. and on and on…There are just too many to compare.

Its too difficult to compare those moments. The first semester was the most awesome part among the two semesters. I feel bad for those juniors who arent able to interact with their seniors just because of the ragging issue. It prevents them in knowing a lot about the insti life and how to enjoy it fully. Some juniors are also adamant in not knowing their seniors. Well buddy your loss. Its just purely your loss.


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