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Summer of 2010 – Part 3

The last part of my awesome summer was my trip to Kerala immediately after my intern.  My grandparents are from Kerala and they live in the village called as Chembai. It is in the Palakkad district and it is a beautiful place. Actually not a lot of people would recognize the name of the village Chembai. It is actually recognizable by the name of Kottai village where there is actually a Panchayat office.


You just get down at Palakkad junction and get to the Palakkad Municipality Bus stand and take a bus to Kottai. I was actually amazed that there was a bus called Palakkad Dhoni but apparently Dhoni is a forest reserve in Kerala and near to Palakkad.


It was my sheer bad luck that I wasnt able to add the beautiful pictures of the surroundings. I had saved photo day for the last but due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel all the plans. But I still a few with me which I will upload as soon as I get it.

I was going there after about a decade. I had a very nostalgic feeling going back and it brought back memories of almost 10 years back. When I reached there I was actually shocked to find out that everything had turned small. I dont know about others but I will feel the same way when I go to places I lived earlier in Chennai too.

Anyways it was a wonderful trip there. I went to a lot of temples including Guruvayoor temple. Its really hard to remember the names of the other temples. In Kerala men had to wear to wear mundu to go inside a temple. And without a shirt. So it was a looooongg time after which I was wearing a mundu again. I prefer jeans also in family events also so the mundu-wearing was a mystery to me. It still is actually. 🙂


I had to do Angapradharshanam in the Guruvayoor temple because my grandmother had prayed that we would do. I had a pretty forgettable time since it was my first time. I puked in my mouth almost…..I forgot how many. My brother nothing less than me. I tell you never eat anything before you do the pradarshanam. Not even drink tea. I actually could not even bear seeing others doing it so easily in front of me, that it provoked me even more.


Even though my blog post could not say much I cannot put in words the beauty of the country side Kerala and living in a typical village type home. This sums up my awesome summer. Hope people reading my post have/had an awesome summer like I did.


2 responses

  1. anurag

    abe what the hell is angapradarshanam?

    December 13, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    • timesofblackswan

      Angapradarshanam means you have to pray to the God by rolling on the floor of the temple. It generally covers the circumference of the temple outside the main shrine but inside the temple walls.

      December 13, 2010 at 8:00 PM

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