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Best accomplishment of 2010

What is my best accomplishment of 2010? This requires me to jog down memory lane and think about all the things that I did in 2010.There are quite a few things that would make me feel proud of that I did in 2010.  But when I suggested this to my friend he advised me not to disclose to the general public about it.

What else then????

Well when did I start this blog?? I started it this year only but then am using it effectively in December of 2010 only…

What else then????

Well then yes!! Professionally speaking I organized Genesis, the social b-plan competition of IIT Madras. It was one hell of an experience and I was pained to the maximum possible limit that I have ever known.It turned out just enough well but still the competition got over successfully. Each competition has its own complaints and I have learnt so much from it.

Also another accomplishment would be my improvement of skills in volleyball. Even with so much pressure professionally I continued to play, as the sport was my only leisure time fun. It was a very helpful stress buster and also now I can definitely say that I am totally different sportsperson from what I was in my first year. Rather better than even in the start of my second year!! 🙂


Startup Professionals Musings: Startups are About Making Great First Impressions

Startup Professionals Musings: Startups are About Making Great First Impressions.

I found this link pretty good for guys who want to start up or anything about making first impressions in a formal presentation. Check it out.

Post a Week 2011

I saw this concept/ campaign started by wordpress to blog daily/weekly. It is a pretty awesome concept of encouraging blogging and the most fun part is wordpress provides with updates of inspiration and suggestions on what to blog so that the blogger never runs out of ideas to blog.

If you would ask me this is a very good point to start blogging too since generally people think what will I write if I start my own blog. This is the part where WordPress says,” Well my friend ! Hum Hain Na! ” or ” Well my friend! Yaamirukka Bayam Yen? “. 🙂

I am joining this campaign and I hope everyone follows me. For the general public who are not used to visiting blogs there is a link in my sidebar that allows you to subscribe to my blog posts. You get notifications whenever I post something new.

So let the journey begin…




Language Postulates

I write this post in great pain and observance that I experienced in insti. In institutes like IIT where there are students from all over the country one gets to see the varied social fabric of the nation. Not only that, it shows you the human mentality and psychology that is present among different communities.

A Community is formed by the people with people with common interests. The common interest maybe many things. Like common sport, common hostel, common department. But the most important common interest is the common language.

I am not judgmental about people about people aligning themselves with common interest guys. But among all other interests is the common language that affects me the most.  Why should there be a social bias of people being close friends with people who talk the same language?

When I asked people the same question they answered me with the answer that they are comfortable speaking their mother tongue. Does this mean that they are incapable to communicate in a common language. Their inability to communicate causes them to get uncomfortable with others.

Another question that arrives in my mind. How will vocally disabled people communicate? They do not have a common language. Or even the hearing disabled people who cant differentiate with other languages.How will they have close friends?

These thoughts are no use to others. They are fit enough only on my blog as people just excuse themselves as ‘ He doesnt understand’ . The fact is I dont understand.

My chance to meet Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

I always wanted to go to a talk of APJ. I have been a big fan of inspirational thoughts and his great vision. There are not many people out there to whom the youth can look upto and say,” I want to follow the words of this man and maybe someday I can be as inspiring as a man as he is.”

The lecture was organized as part of the Extra Mural Lectures( EML) of IIT, Madras, Centre of Innovation (CFI), the Vivekananda Study Circle and the Indo-German Centre for Collaboration. The talk was supposed to start at 2.30 and end by 3.15 . But APJ was late.

I was the first one to stand in the queue. Entry was allowed after 1pm and I was outside SAC by 12.25 itself. The traditional case of the wolf and the shepherd was visible in SAC. As APJ was late the students started clapping together in every 10 minutes faking his entry and escalating the hopes of ardent fans like me to catch a glimpse as soon as enters.

He did arrive though and the organizers were quick to start the function. APJ wanted to start with the talk directly as he didnt even care to sit down in the lonely chair on stage. Even more humorous was when there was an introduction about him to be made he signalled the guy to make it short. He later realized the intro wasnt going to be short, so he went upto the guy and stood besides him so that the uncomfortableness will make his speech shorter. This amused the crowd a lot.

He did start his speech with an apology for being late. He said he was stopped by a crowd..a very young crowd..and so he couldnt resist them.

I am not sure whether to give the whole speech here. So I am just going to give a short and crisp quotes of his speech.

Today, Everybody especially the youth wants to be unique in this world… They want to be the special you… But the world tries to its best to make the unique you just like everybody else

There are 4 things required to be unique :

  1. A goal that we drive towards to succeed
  2. A good and sound Knowledge
  3. Devotion and Hard work
  4. Perseverance

APJ also spoke about how yesterday’s success formula is not the same that is required for today and gave examples of the verticals in a lot of situations.

He asked the students to mail him about 2 things :

  1. To find out a person who works with integrity in the following areas
  • A Politician
  • A Business Personality
  • A Bureaucrat
  • A Social Scientist

2. To write on a piece of paper about the thing that today’s youth would like to be remembered for. This he told would inspire today’s youth to be unique.


Another notable part of his speech was the oaths.Again there were 2 oaths :

  1. I will work with integrity and succeed with integrity
  2. I will plant 5 trees and nurture them


Well at last there was a question time. Sadly because of loss of time only 3 questions were allowed. The first question was asked about Food Security and his opinion. He gave some vague answer by which time I was all excited on whether to ask a question myself and if then what should I ask. Well, I thought I will put his own question back to him on what he likes to be remembered for. His reply was

I would like to see one billion smiles

Even though the answer seems a bit vague I feel that the intention seems to be bull’s eye.It was always a dream for me that I attend a lecture by APJ. Though I must admit that this wasnt the most captivating and interesting one I diod feel satisfied. I thank the organizing team for giving me the experience.