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Best accomplishment of 2010

What is my best accomplishment of 2010? This requires me to jog down memory lane and think about all the things that I did in 2010.There are quite a few things that would make me feel proud of that I did in 2010.  But when I suggested this to my friend he advised me not to disclose to the general public about it.

What else then????

Well when did I start this blog?? I started it this year only but then am using it effectively in December of 2010 only…

What else then????

Well then yes!! Professionally speaking I organized Genesis, the social b-plan competition of IIT Madras. It was one hell of an experience and I was pained to the maximum possible limit that I have ever known.It turned out just enough well but still the competition got over successfully. Each competition has its own complaints and I have learnt so much from it.

Also another accomplishment would be my improvement of skills in volleyball. Even with so much pressure professionally I continued to play, as the sport was my only leisure time fun. It was a very helpful stress buster and also now I can definitely say that I am totally different sportsperson from what I was in my first year. Rather better than even in the start of my second year!! 🙂


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