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A weird and enlightening experience

Phew!! It has been since I blogged I guess. Post a week guys have been mailing me frantically with ideas but I just dont find the time to sit and write. Then how did I find time today? Next week quiz and I am busy mugging. It is a wonder how the brain works and finds time!:)

Ya the experience that I was going to talk about. I have a cycle here in insti. It is somewhat a basic necessity at least to the boys as all the facilities are very far off from the hostels.

I have been riding my cycle for the past 3 months without brakes and a very badly working chain that slips at every 180 degrees which means effectively I move forward only during one half cycle(! ). This causes so much pain that I started to have knee problems and fatigue that I couldnt ride my cycle one day. Apart from this problem also the fact that I dont have brake makes people not take my cycle for work also. I managed to have only some 3-4 accidents in the 3 month period and other minor encounters where my legs saved me with friction (! ).

I decided to at last repair my cycle and got it fixed for 200 bucks. I had lost my keys also and was working with a painful wire lock.

Brakes – check

new lock – check

chain – check

When I rode the cycle that evening IT WAS HEAVEN! I had forgotten how well my cycle could ride and my baby was back in full business. But I noticed a change in my behavior itself while riding back to hostel.

My auto-adjustment of speed due to the absence of brakes was still apparent in my biking and I never had to use the brakes anywhere till hostel.The things that I used to do without brakes and a bad cycle was repeated even with a good and new conditioned cycle.

This set me thinking on some stuff :

  1. Suppose you are working in a job where you are stressed and fatigued to the maximum one should consider it as a learning experience for future endeavors.
  2. The harder and tougher the work you do now the more admiration and appreciation you will have when you are free or things get easier later on.
  3. Never forget lessons learnt the hard way because you never know when they can help you.
  4. Life teaches lessons in every small possible way. If you can identify the moral then you can enjoy the fruits of life better.

This may sound all boring to some of you guys but this was one point where I would quote LSG sir, “Life hits you hard!! “and I just stood there admiring it.