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An amazing thing about the Delhi

I had a chance to visit Delhi this summer. It is an awesome place and for all the filthiness that is spread around the public transportation system in India it was a very clean experience. One of the main things that I liked about it was the Metro.

After living in Mumbai for 3 years I can definitely say that I have seen the worst of the scenes around travelling in a train. People eating gutkha right beside and throwing away the rest in the train itself, spitting at the nearest wall possible to make it all RED; the unwarranted pushing and pulling of people while boarding and leaving the train; the techniques of standing in between the seats to make sure you get the seat if any one of the person leaves; everything!

But in Delhi metro, I was shocked to see that people stand in line to board the train. I saw such things only in stories of Japan and other nations but I couldnt believe my eyes! And the station was very clean and actually it was encouraging to see a 200 rupees fine for spitting. Generally the train tracks are the worst as it is the common man’s dustbin but that too was as if it was newly laid.

Though some of the n0n-fairer sex wont agree to be a good idea there is a separate compartment for ladies. And Delhi definitely needs it because they dont call it the rape capital of India for nothing!

The new T3 terminal of Delhi airport is also a peach and I think Chennai aiport can also learn a lot from it. It is mostly because it is privately developed and stuff but ya it is way better than Chennai. It was like I was in a mall inside an airport once I was in the Departure lounge.

It was definitely a very good trip to the city and I really wished to go more than once again. Hope I can upload some good photos here too. 🙂


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