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What is the most depressing post you have ever written?

You know this last sem has been one of those times where I was thinking “Oh! This can be a very good post for my blog. “And then later I would think “Oh! If only I had the time to write.”

Ya! Ya! I know what you all must be thinking. How long does it take to write a damn post. But you know it takes a lot of thinking before you sign into this wordpress account and start writing about it. I had joined in this thing called post a weekly. But ya right! I didnt even write continuously for a month. Kind of pathetic though. Considering how useless and wasteful this last semester has been. No good grade to be  proud of and not much big achievement to boast around. But ya I was in my usual crap load of work and everything.

Sometimes the things you do make you wonder is it really worth it. Like studying or writing a blog even! For whom am I writing? Is it for me to read later or is it to show some random guy what and all I can blabber and how useless his/her life is, to sit and read my stupid posts.

To all my friends who are reading this. Dont worry am ok. This is just a lashing out post that I wanted to write for a longtime. There are things that sometimes makes you feel wasted and worthless and all. At that point it is useful to lash out. What am I lashing about? There is no use of getting good grades when you dont feel good at learning that subject. You think you might be interested in them but in the end it is just as how one of my well-acquainted IIT prof would say,” CGPA is a measure of how well you can survive even in conditions that you dont like than a measure of your academic competence” .



2 responses

  1. NaB

    CGPA is a measure of how well you can survive even in conditions that you dont like than a measure of your academic competence!! – good one 🙂 didn’t quite expect an iit prof saying this!!

    June 14, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    • timesofblackswan

      You guys didnt have the opportunity to study under him. His name is Prof. L.S.Ganesh. It was a wonderful experience.

      June 15, 2011 at 12:11 PM

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