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Anna Centenary Library- A wonderful visit to a mammoth library

The Anna Cenetary Library is located in Kotturpuram nearer to the Anna University campus. This  is a magnificent complex storing very recent books and of varied subjects.

It is very near to the IIT Madras campus and each time I passed by this building I wish why havent I yet checked this out. So out of m profound abundance of free time this summer.

The library is a 8-storey building fully air conditioned is a beautiful place. It has books on almost all the common topics of study. You cant take your bags inside and there is a deposit counter just near the gate.

The division of books on each floor is like this:

Tamil Section, Children’s section, Braille section,own reading section.

General Knowledge,Computer Science,Library&Information Science,Philosophy,Psychology,Ethics and Religion,Sociology,Statistics and Political Science.

Economics,Law,Public Administration, Education,Commerce,Language- Linguistics and Literature(Fiction).

General Science, Mathematics,Astronomy,Physics,Chemistry,Geology,Biology and Medicine.

Engineering, Agriculture, Food Science and Management, Architecture, Fine Arts and Sports.

History,Geography,Tourism and Travel Management and Biography.

The sections are carpeted and the AC is comfortable soothing. The sad part is that they have not started issuing membership cards. So all books are for reference only. There is no announcement on when the membership will be issued and the only one open now is for Children.

For anybody in Chennai who at least is partially inclined to visiting a library you should check this out. And they have a blog also :

You can check this out for their latest updates.



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