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Bharat Ratna for Tendulkar!!

It is in the news that the Government is proposing in all directions to give a Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar for his great contribution to the nation for his cricket prowess. He is the Master Blaster from India and the records follow him wherever he goes. I am not going to include the fact that the current England tour is devastating for India and are looking at whitewash in the English soil. Neither are my views in this post prejudiced by this. But being a person who resorts to music when desperate times occur I find it dismaying that a few extraordinary persons are neglected by the so-called home department. I just recommend here only 2 people but I guess there are more.

First is Ilayaraja.

The name of Ilayaraja is nothing new to the current generation. The Maestro or Isaignani as he is called has been in the industry composing songs that literally sway your heart for the past 3 decades ( Sachin is here for only 2 decades). The older generation need not even be told about him as it was the time of great economic turmoil and his songs of life,love,tragedy,happiness that defined their mood. Some of these famous tracks are even replayed in today’s movies to show the same emotion but in a comical way so much that those tracks have been synonymous for those emotions.

Well he is just a Tamil industry Music Director. What has he done to the nation as such??

Yes. Most of his scores has been in Tamil. But he has composed music in Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam and even Marathi!! Did you know that is a GOLD MEDALIST in electric guitar from the Trinity College of Music. Out of the 4 National Awards that he has won it is 1 each in Tamil and Malayalam and 2 in Telugu. So he is not just a Tamil Composer.I can keep going on here. But I just Sergei Brin and Larry Page founded Google for that. 😛

Where is he now??

He composes music for upcoming directors as he himself was given the opportunity when he was young. He wants to give back to the film industry. His music is no less wonderful as should say the National Award for the Malayalam film Pazhasiraja was in 2009.

There is this joke in the Internet. AR Rahman music makes a man standing still to sway but only Ilayaraja’s music can make a moving make come to a standstill. _/\_

I am a true fan of Ilayaraja and I truly wish that he gets a Bharat Ratna.

The second person I wish is K.J.Yesudas

Man I really think GOD sent this man to earth to mellow our hearts with his voice. I mean the songs this guy has sung is almost…… I have no words to describe…

To some of my non-Google friends, here is a start for you. He has won the National Award 7 times( Oh ya!! You must be thinking has anybody won so much? Well no. He is the only person). Another common news about is his letter to the Kerala Home ministry asking them to stop giving him the State award( He has won it 22 times).  Even after that he got the award many times after which his last letter threatened to deny the award. His presence in the music industry is for 5 decades where his footprint is yet to touch only Assamese,Konkani and Kashmiri.

Even now when I hear the Gopikavasantham in His Highness Abdullah, Kanne Kalai Mane from Moondram Pirai, Gori thera gaon bada pyaara from Chitchor and his  numerous other songs I stop, listen and then move.

Please note that I am not against Tendulkar getting a Bharat Ratna. But I am confused at why these legends are not conferred it yet. And I am pretty sure that these awards are obsolete to these GODs anymore. But being there ardent fans I am still dazzled. I am sure that this drive for Tendulkar’s Bharat Ratna is after India winning World Cup. But what about the so many accolades and the hearts that these maestros have won in their careers till now??