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Little’s Law in Ministry of Magic Apparating Chimneys

What is Little’s Law?

It states that the Number of people in a queue in steady state condition is proportional to the Steady state time spent by a person in the system. Here the proportional constant is called the arrival rate.(Looks pretty simple! The more the number of people in the queue then the time spent in the system will be larger).

Ok. What is this?? Is this a technical blog?

Hmm.. No. This was related to a random thought I had recently.

So I hope that the readers have read or seen Harry Potter. So in that the Ministry of Magic’s employees come to office daily apparating through a lot of chimneys. If you have not then it is simple that apparating is a teleportation mechanism. So I was wondering what will happen suppose that the number of employees coming in peak traffic is so high he never reached office!!

Suppose Mr.X decides to install this system in his office in real life. He leaves from home. But then the traffic is so high he will be stuck in queue waiting in line to come to office. When he must have saw the movie he must have thought that,”Wah! What an idea! Now nobody will say that they were late because of traffic!!. And by God’s grace his communication system is effective enough. Otherwise he will be lost in the transmission forever!! 😀

Even so then, he will say,”Darn it! I was stuck in this stupid Little today! ” or even comical dialogue will be when he returns home late he would say,”Honey!! I got littled! ”  😉 😛



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