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Dear Me…. A letter from my 21 year old self :)

It must be awkward to see me writing to myself. Its like I am writing something to put inside in a time capsule which I can retrieve later in in some 15 years(Uh! That’s a stretch).

I actually got this idea from a blog post where a 28 year old blogger writes a letter to her 16 year old girl self. Mine is not to a 16 year old self but to my older self who is told things from the 21 year old me. So here it is….

Dear Me,

How are you? I hope this finds you in the best of health and wealth? So what is it you have been doing with your life now? I hope it is something that is good and useful to yourselves. Obviously you must be working somewhere now. Oh wait! It is not necessary for you to get a job. There is more to doing good for yourself than having a job. Just make sure that whatever you are doing is close to your heart.

Career is a long journey and it does not be on a traditional path. It must be filled with interests and excitement. Steve Jobs,one of your greatest idol said that each morning if you were to ask yourself that,”If today was the last day of your life, what I want to do what I am about to do today?” and if the answer is no for too many number of days then it is time to change things the way they are. These are golden words and try to follow them if you can.

The time that I write this blog is a wonderful time. Life is full of expectations and ambitions to fulfill. Maybe they get fulfilled or they dont. But when you read this, feel happy that you had given your level best at attempting it. There is a chance that you can be happy that your ambitions get fulfilled. No guesses for being rejoiced then heh?? 😉

You are a stud. Remember this the next time you feel down and low on confidence. There are things…. so many things that you have done to be proud of and sets you apart.Don’t let ordinary hurdles bring you down.

It is funny that one of the things that has set you apart in a lot of things is your height. It is more than normal and I am glad that we had it. It is boon and a bane but it is always a pleasure to be taller in this world(not only physically but also morally I would say 🙂 ) . Its a wonderful view from the top. 😉

You play a lot of sports. So I must tell you that it is important to keep your fitness good. If there can be anything that you cant regain, then it is your fitness. Keep up your good work.

You like to travel places. Your 21 year old self could not find the time and money to do justice to this wish. I hope that this wish continues later also.

I definitely would say this that be around loved ones. There cant be a better place than besides someone who loves you. Let me remind you that the countless TV serials that you have watched, they all talk about the same thing. If your heart is broken then don’t worry, if it had happened then, it was for the search of a better person. I hope that this situation does not arrive. But still. 

This post may be full of blind rays of hope and empty promises but what else can I do now than tell you that I will be there for myself later. 🙂


with love

21-year-old Shiva Ram

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The Best Friend moment

It is funny the timing of when and how I write my posts for my blog. Either it is before an exam. Or when I am stressed. So basically I enjoy my blogs. Which is awesome!! 🙂

So what is the best friend moment?

OK. This is how it works. Suppose you come to a new institute/workplace/environment. It is pretty obvious that we are bound to meet new people and some of them may become close and some of them not. Over time these casual friends that one makes goes on to enter into the life around you.

For example, to watch a new movie. You want company. You have been placed in a new city after college so your college friends are not much around.

Another case, a bit younger. You are in a new institute. You just cleared JEE/AIEEE and came to this big college leaving your home. You are about to stay in the hostel. Then you want to go and check out the new city. It is always human to put up a team of enthusiasts and head out.

So when these guys are into your daily life there is this moment when you feel that one of these fellow is really a good friend. You realize that you have here is one whom you can call a best friend. Maybe he wont feel that way but still you feel happy that you have made one. This moment when you feel is called the best friend moment.

In case where the sexes are opposite it can be that this can lead onto a dating relationship but that is the point of change in the whole relationship and doesn’t come under best friends.

If you look back into some of your best friends currently and think of how and when they became yours, then I am sure that you will forget all about your current work and smile like a dreaming child . 🙂

The reason why this is important is this. Later when you sit back and reminisce the best moments that you had with this friend it would start with this moment. And to your surprise it would be one of the best ones. It will make you look back and envy the good old days if you are in a bad position now. Or it can make you think that you have come a long way from that point to a much happier place.It could have been the time he/she was there for you when you needed a friend the most. Or the time you found something new about yourself thanks to the friend. Its all that makes up this special moment.

At times of placement, farewell and what not, this post will absolutely make sense to those who might have to say their adieu to their best mates.

Though I must stress that it is not necessary to have this kind of an impulsive moment. Just that in cases that if it exists, it is duely noted by the person. And it stays embedded in the mind for a long time.

So let this post be the reason for you to start thinking about your best moments and reminisce them. Who knows this can be that special day.