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Be Inspired! Message from Guindy station autowallahs!

This is a truly inspiring story that I experienced recently. The one thing that I can appreciate Chennai about is the interconnectivity of the different public transport systems. Amid the controversy of 4 students dieing due to travelling in the footboard, here is a story I would like to tell that is different.

I am preparing for Civil service and travel almost daily to the Anna Centenary Library for my studies. I live in Chrompet and I use the train and bus to travel till the library. I catch a train from Chrompet to Guindy, from where I catch a bus- which is more than often overflowing with commuters-to the library.

The Guindy station has 2 entrances, from its sides.

While coming back the bus stops at this entrance.

The entrance that I use. At the far end is the staircase to the platforms.

The entrance that I use. At the far end is the staircase to the platforms.

One of the glaring things about this entrance used to be the empty space right in front of the entrance. People(read males) used to urinate right out in the public and whenever I cross the place I used to cover my nose to avoid the stench. But I was not an action oriented man. I was not a change maker. Not at least till I become something powerful I used to think.

The place which used to stink! Just behind th current hoarding.

The place which used to stink! Just behind the current hoarding.

Later, one evening I found this hoarding ornamented with the pictures of Hindu deities in the same place. In it was inscribed by “By your Auto friends” in Tamil.

The long hoarding with deity photos

The long hoarding with photos of deities

I was amazed. I stood there appreciating the initiative of a group of auto drivers. This act which they committed, made people not go perform their usual urinal activities. They used the fear of God to drive away people.

Let me analyze their act in a deeper way. I study in Public Administration about how public policy needs more people participation, involvement of stake holders. But these are the usual,standard, theoretical, boring answers that are kept ready made and handy to make the aspirant foll hardy to any type of question. But here we see, something that is true to the spirit of these things.

People share random things in facebook. More so, they casually point to all their problems into saying that, “Hey! This is India!”. I for once would tell them, stop whining, start doing.

Gandhi said,”Be the change you want to see”. I think this will be an example.

As for the sharing in facebook thing. I would not care if you don’t share it or don’t like.

But my message here is just “Be inspired!”.


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