Shiva Ram's Blog

About Ramu

I am an undergraduate student in Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing(IIITDM), Kancheepuram. I major in Electronics Design and Manufacturing . I live in IIT, Madras campus during semester. Otherwise also I basically live in Chennai.

Friends call me Ramu. Officially my name is G.Shiva Ram. I like to be called as someone who can speak a language rather than a guy who is ‘TAMIL’ or ‘HINDI’ or ‘TELUGU’. I feel like once people tell that they are Tamil they are branded as some sect of people with same ideology. Firstly Tamil is a language ( this is not just for the jokes but also the reality) and you cant expect people to have ideologies sculpted out of hoe their tongue can twist or turn.

I love sports. I am very passionate about Volleyball and Football. I also play badminton. I watch a lot of TV serials and also watch my occasional sports on TV. I am not a fanatic of watching sports like cricket or football nor do I favor any specific football club. I think watching football doesnt need a prerequisite of unfazed loyalty towards one club. I do support Chennai Super Kings in the IPL though.


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