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What it feels like to not have a job!

I recently passed out of college and contrary to what my post title may sound I passed with very good grades. I got a very good job offer on campus placement and things were all rosy and sweet to me when I passed out.

But I had different plans. Preparing for Civil service is by no means an easy job and when the joining date of this 7 lakh offer was just a week before my Mains exam date I had to politely tell them,”I am sorry. I cant join your company”.

When I gave them this reply, that I wont be joining their company, I was not sad or worried because I was confident. I knew that things would go well and besides this was an IT company and I wouldnt want to be generalized into a “Standard Indian IT professional” profile which is now doing the rounds in almost all management schools and even in the civil service. But the situation is not that simple in a current “Havent you got campus offer?” Indian society.

My parents have to justify my decision in every family gatherings and to the nosy neighbours and co-workers. I feel sometimes it is all for the good but the initial rosiness is all gone here. I had cleared one small exam which I made myself very clear that I had no intention of joining and had just written it for an experience. But from then on till the interview session of that exam, the answer to what your son is doing would be “Oh! He cleared this exam and will sit in interview next week”. I got confused whether they think this exam was important to me or they are just trying to fill in the void of saying nothing. I soon later found that it is just filling the void which is much necessary in the social setting of the Indian family.

When campus placements came, everyone was anxious. Whether or not they will get a job? What will they do if they dont have a job? Will the job be a good paying one? When people do not get placed they get inhumanely depressed and it is a similar situation as to how one would feel if he didnt get through IIT-JEE or other entrance exams.

For once, I would like to tell here that the situation is not that far grim even if you dont have a job. Even if you have passed out of any Tom,Dick,Harry college, there is no cause for concern. I am not saying this as an optimist. I am looking at things here with a perspective that things cannot be that bad, if you know what you want to do. It is because just like any one of the entrance exam you failed you still managed to study. And one just has to start refining oneself to focus more on his/her career than just look at campus placements.

For me, the wait for results is the most agonizing one and not the fact that I am not employed. I can find a job. One just has to believe in oneself to succeed. When people read stories how”5 IITians get 80 lakh salary”, they are bound to get judgemental. But since they dont know that not all IITians get the same salary, it is not worth it to try proving you are worth it.


More Reservation ideas for the government

With the recent “ALL-PARTY CONSENSUS” on approving the bill that allows reservation in promotions in jobs for Scheduled Castes(SC) and Scheduled Tribes(ST), here is my best 4 other reservation ideas for the government.

1. Indian Reservation Service (IRS)

With all the parties having a consensus on providing more reservations, the government has proposed an All India Service, which shall be called as the Indian Reservation Service (IRS). This will be an All India Service which will be introduced in the Winter Session of the Parliament since the Monsoon Session, though the monsoons failed, proved to be a water wash.

The main duties and the functions of this service would be to make sure that the myriad amount of reservation given to the people is being properly followed and if they feel any section is left out or “not adequately represented”, they can propose a reservation for them and it shall be passed onto the already present legislations. They will use the delegated legislation offered to the Civil servants where they can set the rules to a skeletal Act passed by the parliament.

2.Reservation in Trains,Buses,Cars

Following the worldwide celebrations for Indian Independence, one of the “wise-heads” sitting in the Parliament read about the story in which the Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a train in South Africa. This reminded him of the kind of oppression “HIS” people had to go through during the British times. Even without realizing that the British “RESERVED” higher class seats to the white people, he gets to think what if???

And thus born this idea about the reservation in trains,cars, buses,autos and in all modes of transport. He can then shout aloud during the election rallies, ” From now onwards OUR people wont have to be denied the luxury of going in trains and buses. We shall travel equally! “.

But little did he realize that this will just increase the rift between HIS people and the OTHER people. Why?? Because now the OTHER people wont forget HIS people.

3.Reservation in having sex

After having a survey throughout India, in the Census 2011 it was found out that though the economically weak people were having sex, HIS people were not having enough of it. He saw this as a social evil being imposed upon HIS people. What is the solution, he pondered??

Thus came the reservation to have sex. The Act states thus, that each person man/woman shall have sex with HIS people once in every thrice times they do so ordinarily. This is being done to bring UP, the sexually ill treated people!

The leader of the HIS party, also quotes this to his minister,” This will sure rise the Youth Wing among our cadres. I thought my son will never has his own chamchas“.

The opposition party, NOT HIS, also came in consensus with the HIS party that the move would surely lead India to paths of higher glory and awareness.

4.Reservation for judges in matters related to SC/STs

During the British times, a bill known as the Illbert Bill was introduced by Lord Rippon in 1883. The main provision of this act was that the cases relating to the English officers and settlers be brought under Indian judges too. This was obviously not passed due to extreme colonial pressure from British.

Knowing about this, the HIS party leader introduces a different bill in the constitution. The “HISBERT bill”. According to this, the cases related to HIS people would be on trial under a HIS judge only. Anyways reservation has been brought under public employment, which makes sure that there are enough number of HIS people on the Court bench.

Here were his arguments which to the extremely disinterested Parliament accepted whole heartedly

  1. ย There was wide spread partiality in judging of cases relating to HIS people by OTHER judges.
  2. People were not having justice and were afraid to come to court.
  3. This bill provides speedier judgements as judges are specifically apointed for such cases.
  4. This also would in turn make sure the adequate representation in courts for HIS people.

So these conclusions have been forwarded to the IRS(Indian Reservation Servce) so that they can implement this as soon as possible so that this can be another feather cap for India’s innovation in administration. If you have any suggestions you can post in the comments and I am sure the IRS will get the message.

The real tragedy of it all is not because of the ruling party or not because of the opposition, but because of everyone! They are all in consensus for such a drastic measure which is really disturbing.

Dear Me…. A letter from my 21 year old self :)

It must be awkward to see me writing to myself. Its like I am writing something to put inside in a time capsule which I can retrieve later in in some 15 years(Uh! That’s a stretch).

I actually got this idea from a blog post where a 28 year old blogger writes a letter to her 16 year old girl self. Mine is not to a 16 year old self but to my older self who is told things from the 21 year old me. So here it is….

Dear Me,

How are you? I hope this finds you in the best of health and wealth? So what is it you have been doing with your life now? I hope it is something that is good and useful to yourselves. Obviously you must be working somewhere now. Oh wait! It is not necessary for you to get a job. There is more to doing good for yourself than having a job. Just make sure that whatever you are doing is close to your heart.

Career is a long journey and it does not be on a traditional path. It must be filled with interests and excitement. Steve Jobs,one of your greatest idol said that each morning if you were to ask yourself that,”If today was the last day of your life, what I want to do what I am about to do today?” and if the answer is no for too many number of days then it is time to change things the way they are. These are golden words and try to follow them if you can.

The time that I write this blog is a wonderful time. Life is full of expectations and ambitions to fulfill. Maybe they get fulfilled or they dont. But when you read this, feel happy that you had given your level best at attempting it. There is a chance that you can be happy that your ambitions get fulfilled. No guesses for being rejoiced then heh?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are a stud. Remember this the next time you feel down and low on confidence. There are things…. so many things that you have done to be proud of and sets you apart.Don’t let ordinary hurdles bring you down.

It is funny that one of the things that has set you apart in a lot of things is your height. It is more than normal and I am glad that we had it. It is boon and a bane but it is always a pleasure to be taller in this world(not only physically but also morally I would say ๐Ÿ™‚ ) . Its a wonderful view from the top. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You play a lot of sports. So I must tell you that it is important to keep your fitness good. If there can be anything that you cant regain, then it is your fitness. Keep up your good work.

You like to travel places. Your 21 year old self could not find the time and money to do justice to this wish. I hope that this wish continues later also.

I definitely would say this that be around loved ones. There cant be a better place than besides someone who loves you. Let me remind you that the countless TV serials that you have watched, they all talk about the same thing. If your heart is broken then don’t worry, if it had happened then, it was for the search of a better person. I hope that this situation does not arrive. But still.ย 

This post may be full of blind rays of hope and empty promises but what else can I do now than tell you that I will be there for myself later. ๐Ÿ™‚


with love

21-year-old Shiva Ram

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