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Language Postulates

I write this post in great pain and observance that I experienced in insti. In institutes like IIT where there are students from all over the country one gets to see the varied social fabric of the nation. Not only that, it shows you the human mentality and psychology that is present among different communities.

A Community is formed by the people with people with common interests. The common interest maybe many things. Like common sport, common hostel, common department. But the most important common interest is the common language.

I am not judgmental about people about people aligning themselves with common interest guys. But among all other interests is the common language that affects me the most.  Why should there be a social bias of people being close friends with people who talk the same language?

When I asked people the same question they answered me with the answer that they are comfortable speaking their mother tongue. Does this mean that they are incapable to communicate in a common language. Their inability to communicate causes them to get uncomfortable with others.

Another question that arrives in my mind. How will vocally disabled people communicate? They do not have a common language. Or even the hearing disabled people who cant differentiate with other languages.How will they have close friends?

These thoughts are no use to others. They are fit enough only on my blog as people just excuse themselves as ‘ He doesnt understand’ . The fact is I dont understand.