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Top 7 things I learnt being in College

Claimer: This is not one of the “Do-this-in-college” or “Do-this-and-enjoy-the-way-I-did type of post. Rather it is a combination of lessons learnt from my successes and failures.

Rather maybe you can have dissenting views or even capitalize on my mistakes and views here. This is open to criticism and maybe you can add your own views here.

So then here is the Top 7 things that I learnt.

1. It is not where you are. It is how you are.

This is a question that pondered me over a long time of whether I am in the right place and I am doing what I am supposed to do? Am I even doing something that interests me or am I just whiling away my precious time.

The point of whether being in the place I am interested in solved on its own and I did find my interests but in the initial days I was always affected by this question of where I am and what I am doing here. After 4 years of college life I can say this that I dont regret being there. One of the primary reasons I feel people complain about this issue is because they are not able to do anything in that place. To them it will look like a failure. If you consider yourself to be at an useless point it doesnt mean life has left you at a deadend. It just means you have led life into a deadend.

It is the case as to how big institutions are built. Not by the walls around them but by the students in them. If you are in a college that is not at the helm of things, I think you are lucky. Because you have the chance to bring it to the top rather climb on the mountain already scaled by others.

2. Time Management needs more practice than skill.

My typical day after classes would be followed by volleyball practice for 2 hours, assignments, club meetings, my own personal indulgences like TV shows, etc. Initially it was tough keeping everything together. But later I got better in doing all the things together. I used to think I have a better time management plan but the thing was that I had done so much by then I had practice.

One of the main thing that I dont include for is allowance. Like for example transit time between court to hostel, mess to hostel, etc. During studies I didnt account for the distractions and I had just put in like 2 hours of effective studying which never is the case and ends of 4 hours of overall studying.

3. If you do things you like, you will not regret it later.

There is always a risk in pursuing passion versus academics. For me, there was always somehow the best of the two worlds. But there was a time I had to make a heavy choice between playing and academics. Of course, my grades tanked that semester.

But if you would ask me, I felt so liberated. Playing one round of volleyball would clear my mind of tension that would have been brought by the whole semester. I never regret that decision.

4. You cant be friends with everybody.

However nice you are. However right you are. However just the world maybe. You just cant be friends with all. It is not possible to have human relationship be constant for all humans. It is natural for every being to differ and you are not the reason for it.

5. Friends are not the persons to form a group to do a project.

This  is resonant in many other social networking sites too. We include friends in a project thinking that there might be a better chemistry between us all. But the thing, we tend to let ourselves off the hook thinking it is only our friend in the group and at last either the project goes bad or the friendship goes bad or worse, both go bad.

6. It is never late to start something new.

I started learning how to speak better in college. I started to write this blog, how much ever slow paced and once in a while possible in college. So it was never too late for me to start something new. I was so glad that I ventured into so many new things that they affected my life in every least bit possible.

7. Friends are hard to come. Even harder to let go.

I just cant explain this in words. Since it is after college too, this feeling is coming to me more than ever.




Best accomplishment of 2010

What is my best accomplishment of 2010? This requires me to jog down memory lane and think about all the things that I did in 2010.There are quite a few things that would make me feel proud of that I did in 2010.  But when I suggested this to my friend he advised me not to disclose to the general public about it.

What else then????

Well when did I start this blog?? I started it this year only but then am using it effectively in December of 2010 only…

What else then????

Well then yes!! Professionally speaking I organized Genesis, the social b-plan competition of IIT Madras. It was one hell of an experience and I was pained to the maximum possible limit that I have ever known.It turned out just enough well but still the competition got over successfully. Each competition has its own complaints and I have learnt so much from it.

Also another accomplishment would be my improvement of skills in volleyball. Even with so much pressure professionally I continued to play, as the sport was my only leisure time fun. It was a very helpful stress buster and also now I can definitely say that I am totally different sportsperson from what I was in my first year. Rather better than even in the start of my second year!! 🙂

My First professional LIVE game

The 59th National Senior Volleyball Championship was held in Chennai from 12-19th December. I was excited to go and see the matches but I was busy in insti doing a project on the weekdays, so couldnt watch the matches. But I had kept track of the tournament in the news daily and was excited to find Tamil Nadu team won the championship last year and are doing very good this time also.

The finals was to my great luck on a Sunday and I had just gone home. So I had my bike and also company from my brother to go and watch. We saw that the matches were scheduled to start at 3pm. So we headed out at there and reached the venue at 2.15 itself hoping to see a lot of crowd. But apparently the first match was Women’s finals and it didnt attract a lot of spectators.The look of the court itself was awesome. The lighting and the shine from the surface itself made me stand with awe. I had to control myself and then find the suitable place to sit.

The court with just some of the lights ON

The Women’s final was between Railways and Kerala. The stadium was as I already said, almost 3/4th empty. We sat parallel to the net facing the serve so that I can admire the attack, the formation, and attack and the other nuances of the game. I was not thinking of writing a blog during the Women’s match so I did not take motes of the match. But the match was pretty interesting though. Railways lost the first set and Kerala were looking good. But later they had a very good comeback. They were unstoppable and Kerala team seemed to have lost their confidence. Railways won 3-1.

The women in action

But the main action started when the Men’s match was about to start.  By that time though the hall was full.  Velammal foundation was sponsoring the event. So students from the colleges had already thronged up and were quite active. They converted the chairs into drums and were all dancing and running around. So when even as the Women’s action ended the Railways team were savouring the moment when the TN Men’s team made their entry. Oh boy!! The stadium was about to vibrate out to demolition. It was a HUGE home support I would say and I was definitely one of them.

The finals was between TN and Kerala(again). There was support for the Kerala team also but not like a thunderstorm for the TN team. :PI couldnt take really good pictures and all that I have here is the ones taken with my mobile camera ( Go Corby!! 😉 )

The match started anyways. Both teams were looking good. The TN team werent looking so good or at least the Kerala team was looking better.The Kerala smashes were awesome and the TN block couldnt stop them.  The first set was a good fight but the Kerala team won 25-23.

In the second set also the Kerala was looking dominant. The score read 7-14 and then went onto 14-20. Then came the TN comeback till 21 all.What then continued was a series of service cuts but then the fight ended with Kerala winning again.

The 3rd set started with very low cheering as defeat loomed in the faces of the excited fans.  But in this set TN were leading from the start. There was a little fightback but the score read 21-17. There was an excellent rally of smashes and block and boost and everything that was a real treat to watch. TN won the set 25-20 and the fans were up and active again.

The fourth set was the set when TN showed their mighty power when Kerala had no answers for their block and smashes. The score was at 15-10 when I saw the most brilliant smash of the say from TN.  Kerala was down and under when the score read 24-12. TN lost the serve but then the winning set point was handed to them by a service to the net.

A fitting final I would say this one as it went into the deciding set. In volleyball the decider set is for 15 points rather than the usual 25 and there is court change when one of team reaches 8 points.

To give an account on how the final set was..The score read

1 all

2 all

3 all

on and on…..

At 8-7 Kerala in lead the court changed. And again the teams were fighting to their death. The points were 9-all, 10-all, 11-all,12-all,13-all,14-all.

Kerala then won the serve and then lead onto match point again. But then excellent smash by TN saved them and then on it won the next two points too.

The crowd went berserk and so did I. It was true brilliance at play. Some of the things that I observed was that everybody in team were boosting when there was a desperate need. The TN libero was really good and so was the Kerala libero. Of course to the noob eyes of mine these maybe the least that I could admire. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did watching the match.

Take a look at the crowd!!