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Resurrection in 2014

It has been a long time. Where was I? What was I doing? It is a long story. So long, that I had to leave other such pleasures like this blog.

Where was I?

I took up a job. Finally! I had written a post earlier, about what it feels like to not have a job here. I was not forced to take up the job. It was just the best thing to do at that point apart from the other adventures I was involving myself in.

What else was I doing?

I am preparing for this awesome exam, called Civil Service Examination(CSE) conducted by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). I did not take up a job after college, because I wanted to full time prepare for this exam. This exam and the subsequent preparation period was the inspiration behind writing the post on, how it feels like to not have a job, in the first place. For first timers, the preparation can get quite heavy. And in my first attempt, there were 2 optional subjects unlike the 1 optional subject from thereon. So more pressure.

In pursuit of that exam, I had been preparing for over 2 years, including the good days of my final year in college.  It was June 2013. Looking ahead in my life at that time, I thought this was the best moment to take up a job. I had prepared pretty well with the basics and it just needed some revisions, writing practise, corrections, etc for the subsequent attempts.

At the end, taking up a job means most of your day time is gone. And then, the rest of time, I used to study for the exam. So no time for a blog post. 😦

What is this exam?

For people who do not know, it is a very tough exam. It has 3 parts – Preliminary, Mains Written and Personality Test(Interview). I can write a whole separate post on the exam but I guess there are many sites which are solely dedicated to this exam like So if you want to know more about the exam, you can look it up over there.

My Performance

The exam went well and I got selected to interview. But, as fate goes, it doesnt matter if you have some sheer moments of excellence. It matters to have overall greatness. I can only describe this in a better way through these GIFs ( courtesy: and ).

If you had seen the recent FIFA World Cup 2014, you would have known about Mexico’s Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. He made wonderful saves like these:

Ochoa save 1

Ochoa save 1


And this:


Ochoa 2

Ochoa save 2


And this one:

Ochoa save 3

Ochoa save 3


But at last who won the world cup?

These guys did…

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Champions - Germany

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Champions – Germany


Life lessons learnt

It is so simple to come at the end of the day, and say,” Hey! You could have done this better”.

I would have been like, “Oh wow! Thanks!! I did not know that I had to perform, in all aspects at top notch to get selected! You opened my eyes!” 😛

But it is just the way things are. You realize your mistake or your weak areas only after you have made them. It is more frustrating, when you know that you gave your 100% and yet, things did not work out the way you thought they would.

What are you doing now?

  1. Pretty much picked up all the pieces of myself after tasting defeat for the second time. This is one of the important step. Otherwise next steps are of no use.
  2. Started revision + practise for the next prelims. The good thing about having to give for 3rd time is that, your preparation is easier than the last time.
  3. Plan out some Plan B and Plan C. I will blog about these, when I have successfully employed them.






Attention: To my newly placed friends. This is a good post from Amol Aggarwal, regarding some of the good measures taken by RBI to promote financial literacy.

One may think that this is too simple and not useful for the city urban people, but there are many who fall into the debt trap because of unsound financial planning.

The Finance calender is like a worksheet to give what one must do to balance the income and expenditure levels. I see many of my friends splurging their newly got income. This is like the ABC of what you must do to avoid future financial crisis.

Mostly Economics

RBI has released some interesting material for promoting financial literacy. Here is a guide to fin literacy, Financial Diary to calculate savings and expenses and 16 posters.

The press release says:

View original post 313 more words

Be Inspired! Message from Guindy station autowallahs!

This is a truly inspiring story that I experienced recently. The one thing that I can appreciate Chennai about is the interconnectivity of the different public transport systems. Amid the controversy of 4 students dieing due to travelling in the footboard, here is a story I would like to tell that is different.

I am preparing for Civil service and travel almost daily to the Anna Centenary Library for my studies. I live in Chrompet and I use the train and bus to travel till the library. I catch a train from Chrompet to Guindy, from where I catch a bus- which is more than often overflowing with commuters-to the library.

The Guindy station has 2 entrances, from its sides.

While coming back the bus stops at this entrance.

The entrance that I use. At the far end is the staircase to the platforms.

The entrance that I use. At the far end is the staircase to the platforms.

One of the glaring things about this entrance used to be the empty space right in front of the entrance. People(read males) used to urinate right out in the public and whenever I cross the place I used to cover my nose to avoid the stench. But I was not an action oriented man. I was not a change maker. Not at least till I become something powerful I used to think.

The place which used to stink! Just behind th current hoarding.

The place which used to stink! Just behind the current hoarding.

Later, one evening I found this hoarding ornamented with the pictures of Hindu deities in the same place. In it was inscribed by “By your Auto friends” in Tamil.

The long hoarding with deity photos

The long hoarding with photos of deities

I was amazed. I stood there appreciating the initiative of a group of auto drivers. This act which they committed, made people not go perform their usual urinal activities. They used the fear of God to drive away people.

Let me analyze their act in a deeper way. I study in Public Administration about how public policy needs more people participation, involvement of stake holders. But these are the usual,standard, theoretical, boring answers that are kept ready made and handy to make the aspirant foll hardy to any type of question. But here we see, something that is true to the spirit of these things.

People share random things in facebook. More so, they casually point to all their problems into saying that, “Hey! This is India!”. I for once would tell them, stop whining, start doing.

Gandhi said,”Be the change you want to see”. I think this will be an example.

As for the sharing in facebook thing. I would not care if you don’t share it or don’t like.

But my message here is just “Be inspired!”.

More Reservation ideas for the government

With the recent “ALL-PARTY CONSENSUS” on approving the bill that allows reservation in promotions in jobs for Scheduled Castes(SC) and Scheduled Tribes(ST), here is my best 4 other reservation ideas for the government.

1. Indian Reservation Service (IRS)

With all the parties having a consensus on providing more reservations, the government has proposed an All India Service, which shall be called as the Indian Reservation Service (IRS). This will be an All India Service which will be introduced in the Winter Session of the Parliament since the Monsoon Session, though the monsoons failed, proved to be a water wash.

The main duties and the functions of this service would be to make sure that the myriad amount of reservation given to the people is being properly followed and if they feel any section is left out or “not adequately represented”, they can propose a reservation for them and it shall be passed onto the already present legislations. They will use the delegated legislation offered to the Civil servants where they can set the rules to a skeletal Act passed by the parliament.

2.Reservation in Trains,Buses,Cars

Following the worldwide celebrations for Indian Independence, one of the “wise-heads” sitting in the Parliament read about the story in which the Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a train in South Africa. This reminded him of the kind of oppression “HIS” people had to go through during the British times. Even without realizing that the British “RESERVED” higher class seats to the white people, he gets to think what if???

And thus born this idea about the reservation in trains,cars, buses,autos and in all modes of transport. He can then shout aloud during the election rallies, ” From now onwards OUR people wont have to be denied the luxury of going in trains and buses. We shall travel equally! “.

But little did he realize that this will just increase the rift between HIS people and the OTHER people. Why?? Because now the OTHER people wont forget HIS people.

3.Reservation in having sex

After having a survey throughout India, in the Census 2011 it was found out that though the economically weak people were having sex, HIS people were not having enough of it. He saw this as a social evil being imposed upon HIS people. What is the solution, he pondered??

Thus came the reservation to have sex. The Act states thus, that each person man/woman shall have sex with HIS people once in every thrice times they do so ordinarily. This is being done to bring UP, the sexually ill treated people!

The leader of the HIS party, also quotes this to his minister,” This will sure rise the Youth Wing among our cadres. I thought my son will never has his own chamchas“.

The opposition party, NOT HIS, also came in consensus with the HIS party that the move would surely lead India to paths of higher glory and awareness.

4.Reservation for judges in matters related to SC/STs

During the British times, a bill known as the Illbert Bill was introduced by Lord Rippon in 1883. The main provision of this act was that the cases relating to the English officers and settlers be brought under Indian judges too. This was obviously not passed due to extreme colonial pressure from British.

Knowing about this, the HIS party leader introduces a different bill in the constitution. The “HISBERT bill”. According to this, the cases related to HIS people would be on trial under a HIS judge only. Anyways reservation has been brought under public employment, which makes sure that there are enough number of HIS people on the Court bench.

Here were his arguments which to the extremely disinterested Parliament accepted whole heartedly

  1.  There was wide spread partiality in judging of cases relating to HIS people by OTHER judges.
  2. People were not having justice and were afraid to come to court.
  3. This bill provides speedier judgements as judges are specifically apointed for such cases.
  4. This also would in turn make sure the adequate representation in courts for HIS people.

So these conclusions have been forwarded to the IRS(Indian Reservation Servce) so that they can implement this as soon as possible so that this can be another feather cap for India’s innovation in administration. If you have any suggestions you can post in the comments and I am sure the IRS will get the message.

The real tragedy of it all is not because of the ruling party or not because of the opposition, but because of everyone! They are all in consensus for such a drastic measure which is really disturbing.

The Best Friend moment

It is funny the timing of when and how I write my posts for my blog. Either it is before an exam. Or when I am stressed. So basically I enjoy my blogs. Which is awesome!! 🙂

So what is the best friend moment?

OK. This is how it works. Suppose you come to a new institute/workplace/environment. It is pretty obvious that we are bound to meet new people and some of them may become close and some of them not. Over time these casual friends that one makes goes on to enter into the life around you.

For example, to watch a new movie. You want company. You have been placed in a new city after college so your college friends are not much around.

Another case, a bit younger. You are in a new institute. You just cleared JEE/AIEEE and came to this big college leaving your home. You are about to stay in the hostel. Then you want to go and check out the new city. It is always human to put up a team of enthusiasts and head out.

So when these guys are into your daily life there is this moment when you feel that one of these fellow is really a good friend. You realize that you have here is one whom you can call a best friend. Maybe he wont feel that way but still you feel happy that you have made one. This moment when you feel is called the best friend moment.

In case where the sexes are opposite it can be that this can lead onto a dating relationship but that is the point of change in the whole relationship and doesn’t come under best friends.

If you look back into some of your best friends currently and think of how and when they became yours, then I am sure that you will forget all about your current work and smile like a dreaming child . 🙂

The reason why this is important is this. Later when you sit back and reminisce the best moments that you had with this friend it would start with this moment. And to your surprise it would be one of the best ones. It will make you look back and envy the good old days if you are in a bad position now. Or it can make you think that you have come a long way from that point to a much happier place.It could have been the time he/she was there for you when you needed a friend the most. Or the time you found something new about yourself thanks to the friend. Its all that makes up this special moment.

At times of placement, farewell and what not, this post will absolutely make sense to those who might have to say their adieu to their best mates.

Though I must stress that it is not necessary to have this kind of an impulsive moment. Just that in cases that if it exists, it is duely noted by the person. And it stays embedded in the mind for a long time.

So let this post be the reason for you to start thinking about your best moments and reminisce them. Who knows this can be that special day.

Little’s Law in Ministry of Magic Apparating Chimneys

What is Little’s Law?

It states that the Number of people in a queue in steady state condition is proportional to the Steady state time spent by a person in the system. Here the proportional constant is called the arrival rate.(Looks pretty simple! The more the number of people in the queue then the time spent in the system will be larger).

Ok. What is this?? Is this a technical blog?

Hmm.. No. This was related to a random thought I had recently.

So I hope that the readers have read or seen Harry Potter. So in that the Ministry of Magic’s employees come to office daily apparating through a lot of chimneys. If you have not then it is simple that apparating is a teleportation mechanism. So I was wondering what will happen suppose that the number of employees coming in peak traffic is so high he never reached office!!

Suppose Mr.X decides to install this system in his office in real life. He leaves from home. But then the traffic is so high he will be stuck in queue waiting in line to come to office. When he must have saw the movie he must have thought that,”Wah! What an idea! Now nobody will say that they were late because of traffic!!. And by God’s grace his communication system is effective enough. Otherwise he will be lost in the transmission forever!! 😀

Even so then, he will say,”Darn it! I was stuck in this stupid Little today! ” or even comical dialogue will be when he returns home late he would say,”Honey!! I got littled! ”  😉 😛


Pseudo rule of the Chief Council of Wishwashers(CCW)

In a far far kingdom filled with beautiful dears, mischievous monkeys, scenic trees and what not there lived a few thousand people. The kingdom flourished in its prosperity and regions far far away knew about the greatness about it.

In the kingdom there existed a group of people called the Chief Council of Wishwashers or hereby referred to as CCW. This is a kingdom that is present among lots of rivers from India- Godavari,Pampa, Tamiraparani, Sindhu, Ganga and also it controls lot of activities that happen on the great mountains of ‘The Himalaya’.

The council is governed by a lot of minions who roam in their flowy blue robes and are governed centrally by a head who generally has a very funny name. The council has a general idea that they rule the forest kingdom in which they live in because they bully the residents. The residents need to rely on the council because of the lengthy procedures they impose for their daily nutritional requirements.The residents live in the kingdom for a limited period of time during which the nutritional queries are natural to come up in their period of stay.

The fact is that these minions dont rule this world. They are like the British. They came for trade but slowly infiltrating into the general world and ruining the life of the innocent originals. Having to engage in any sort of the business with them is entering into the training house of dragons. Each minion is a fiery untamed fire breathing creature and it doesnt matter to whom you approach, one is going to get burnt.

How do people then survive these dragons during their stay here?? It is inevitable!! One must suffer for their pleasurable stay in the wonderful kingdom by controlling their emotions arising out of their engagements with the CCW or else just blog like me under pseudo-names. 😛 😛

(This is a truly fictional and creative story. Characters and Names mentioned here are purely coincidental and may or may not be targetted at any specific person(s))